Renewal of Indian Status Card and NIHB Client Eligibility

In order to submit benefit claims to NIHB, service providers require your NIHB client identification number. If you are a registered First Nations person, providers may ask to see your Indian status card because your Indian status registration number also serves as your NIHB client identification number.

Some First Nations clients may experience challenges or delays in renewing their status cards at the present time. For example, if status card renewals are normally processed at your First Nation band office, this service may be temporarily unavailable.

Please be assured that eligible NIHB clients should not be denied services because their status card has expired. Service providers can still use your status number to verify your eligibility when submitting NIHB claims. Providers can call Express Scripts Canada to verify client eligibility for dental, pharmacy and MS&E benefits. For all other benefits, contact the NIHB regional office to verify client eligibility.

Clients are reminded of the option to apply for a Secure Certificate of Indian Status through Indigenous Services Canada.

More information is available on the Government of Canada website or by calling 1-800-567-9604.

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