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Office of the Ontario Regional Chief, Memorandum - RE: Staff Changes/ Emails

TO: Leadership Council and First Nation Chiefs of Ontario

FROM: Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald

DATE: July 9, 2020

RE: Staff Changes / Emails


Good day,

I am happy to introduce Shelley Stacey, who has accepted our offer to join my team as my executive assistant. Shelley has 30+ years as an EA both in the public and private sectors. Most recently she worked in the financial services industry. Previous to that, she spent 18 years with the Government of Nova Scotia including several years with the Office of Aboriginal Affairs. Shelley is a member of the Kahnawake First Nation, QC.

We also welcome Colleen Seary as the new Director of Policy (COVID-19). Colleen is a member from the Moose Cree First Nation, and she is transitioning from the AFN where she was a Senior Policy Analyst in the health sector and has been an active member of the COVID task force working groups. Previous to that, she was the Director of Data Collection, Analysis and Institutional Planning for several years at a First Nations led post-secondary institute. Colleen has also spent some time working in her home community of Moose Factory, as the Health Services Integration Fund Project Planner.

There have also been additional changes to staff titles, roles and responsibilities. To keep you updated, I have provided a current list of the staff operating in the Office of Ontario Regional Chief and their contact information:

ORC Office Staff List

Sherry Antone

Chief of Staff

Colleen Seary

Director of Policy (COVID-19 Initiatives)

Donna Simon

Policy Advisor

Joyce Hunter

Policy Analyst & Researcher

Michelle Richmond-Saravia

Senior Writer/Researcher

Rachel Arsenault


Shelley Stacey

Executive Assistant to the Regional Chief

Vanessa Ominika

Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff


Wishing you Peace beyond all understanding,

Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald


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