Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program COVID-19 Update

May 28, 2020

The latest news on NIHB policies and benefit coverage for First Nations and Inuit clients

COVID-19 Update #4 – Medical Transportation

• The NIHB Program continues to support clients who need transportation to access medically necessary appointments and services not available in their community.

• Health and benefit providers may resume some services that were cancelled or postponed, however please note that re-opening plans are determined by provincial or territorial authorities.

• Please contact your provider to find out what services are offered, and if appointments can be made or re-scheduled.

• Some First Nations and Inuit communities have restrictions on re-entry into the community after travelling, so you should check with your community health centre or health manager about any restrictions.

• If you are vulnerable due to age or health condition, talk to your health care provider for advice on travel to medical services. NIHB can cover private modes of transportation and accommodation (such as hotel) where necessary, and may be able to assist with temporary relocation to an urban centre for clients who have an ongoing need to attend essential medical appointments.

• Communities that deliver medical transportation services (such as medical vans) have been advised that expenses for increased cleaning and sanitization are eligible under their funding agreements with NIHB. This includes the costs associated with installation of plexi-glass shields between the drivers and passengers seats.

• Boarding homes have also been advised to take measures to support social distancing and increased infection-control practices.

• If you are staying in a hotel while on medical travel and food services are not available, the NIHB Program will provide additional coverage for meal delivery charges of $7.00 per meal or $21.00 per day, per family or group of travellers.


NIHB Client Inquiries




Medical Transportation: 1-800-514-7106




British Columbia First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)*


*Inuit clients residing in British Columbia 1-800-232-7301



Medical Transportation: 1-877-983-0911

Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon




Email for claim submissions and enquiries:




Mental Health Counselling: 1-877-583-2965




Pharmacy Benefits

NIHB Drug Exception Centre

1-800-580-0950 ext. #3

Dental and Orthodontic Services

NIHB Dental Predetermination Centre

1-855-618-6291 (Dental Services) ext. #2

1-866-227-0943 (Orthodontic Services) ext. #2

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