Mental Health Resources during COVID-19

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Please note, some info is some Toronto/GTA-based).

Hi there! I've created a crowd-sourced document of some helpful and free/low-cost mental health resources to cope with COVID-19. In this time of uncertainty and rapid changes, some of us or our loved ones can be having a hard time with the news, loss of income and financial instability, health fears, feeling physically and emotionally isolated, and greater mental health issues.

This is a living document and is shareable so please feel free to use and share. Open editing is paused. But I will continue to update with new additions.

The shorter link for sharing: It's okay to not be okay. Also, check on others as it affects us in different ways. This is my own way of coping, I hope it helps you or someone you know! đź’ś

This is a living document, view here:


Supporting Each Other/Community

Mindfulness & Meditation

Being Active

  • Downdog is offering all of their apps for free until May 1st (Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout)

  • Lululemon is offering yoga and meditation videos, free

  • Peloton Digital are now offering a 90 day free trial of their app

  • Wollendance Cardio dance fitness class live & on-demand, offer 14-days free trial

  • 8fit offers quick home workouts

  • Wakeout has fun 30s stretching & relaxation exercises, offers 7-days free trial

  • Nike Training Club app is completely free and has amazing guided workouts

  • Daily Burn is offering 2 months free of their online workout classes

  • Doyogawithme offers free yoga classes for all different levels

  • Fitbit is offering select Premium features for free; and extended trial of premium to 90 days

Staying Creative

Online Learning

Social Services

Working Better


  • Creeds is offering free pick up and delivery for Laundry and Dry Cleaning for those in self-isolation. Call 416 923 2500 to arrange

  • 99Strong Is offering free online physiotherapy consultations for aches and pains.

  • Flying Books offering free shipping for books with the promo code AIRDROP within Toronto (buy 3 books and get a tote)

  • Ocean Voyager live views from the Georgia Aquarium

  • Stay-at-Home Cinema - collab between TIFF + Crave; a series from Crave’s selection of titles, accompanied by conversations with special guests via IG. Crave is offering free 30-day trial for new users