ISC Funding for Infrastructure Projects (Water & Waste Water) - April 17, 2020

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and First Nations communities are working together to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the continued provision of safe, clean drinking water, and effective treatment of wastewater, in First Nations communities.

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Quick Access: ISC Funding for Infrastructure Projects - April 15, 2020

Work on some First Nations community water and wastewater projects is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. ISC continues to track the situation as it unfolds, and remains committed to:

  • Providing support and advice on water and wastewater projects;

  • Working with First Nations as they review project schedules, and as applicable, mitigate project delays;

  • Working with First Nations to reduce the potential impact on project costs due to delays;

  • Continuing to provide funding and advice to First Nations through the Department’s regional offices; and

  • Continuing to manage funding agreements. ISC has confirmed that:

  • All funding for water and wastewater projects has been transferred to the Department’s regional offices for fiscal year 2020-21;

  • Active projects have the funding they require to move ahead; and Since some communities have made decisions to halt construction or limit contractor mobility, funding for projects facing delays will be processed to meet the cash flow needs as determined by First Nations (and their project teams).

To learn more about funding for infrastructure projects, please contact your ISC regional office.

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