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Health and Wellness Plans – Resource Guides for First Nations

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

See below for FNHMA’s Guide for First Nations and Thunderbird Partnership Foundation’s Crisis Planning Book

FNHMA Developing Health and Wellness Plans – A Guide for First Nations

The First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) is committed to excellence in expanding health management capacity for First Nations organizations. It is a national, professional organization serving the needs of individuals working for, or aspiring to positions with First Nations organizations. The mandate of the FNHMA is to provide training, certification, professional development opportunities, and support to those working in health management.

The First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) is excited to offer Developing Health and Wellness Plans: A Guide for First Nations, developed for the first time by a national First Nation health organization. This new direction signals a change in approach, one that honours and respects the experiences and inherent wisdom of First Nation health managers.

Your Health and Wellness Plan is your “Big Plan”. Quite simply, it is your organization’s/community’s primary document that defines your health priorities, outlines how the programs and services will help achieve your goals, and identifies how you will measure the progress and success of your efforts.

The Guide has been developed based on values – culture-based, community-based, strength-based, and quality-based. In the Guide, we call them “Dynamic Values” because they represent action and empowerment. The Dynamic Values are not activities but are “ways of working” that honour each community’s traditions and strengths while inclusively planning for quality health services. The Guide will provide examples of how the Dynamic Values are demonstrated during each stage to help you integrate them into your planning process

For information on membership, our national conference, our certification program through intensive or online courses, our customizable selection of workshops, our coaching program, or any other services, please contact us at: 613-599-6070, or

Download the full document here:

FNHMA Developing Health and Wellness PlansDownload

Thunderbird Partnership Foundation: Community Crisis Planning for Prevention, Response, and Recovery – First Nations Service Delivery Model

The service delivery model (SDM) is intended to support First Nations communities in their crisis planning, prevention, response, and recovery. The SDM is to be used by the communities as a reference document to support their own process of planning and development, not to be adopted as written. First Nations communities may have their own unique definition of crisis and capacity to plan, prevent, respond to, or recover from incidents or events. The intention reflected in this SDM is that the unique characteristics and priorities of each community are respected.

The intent of the Community Crisis Planning, Prevention, Response, and Recovery First Nations Service Delivery Model is to provide a reference guide that would support contextual tailoring for planning, decision making, delivering, and monitoring performance related to this specific service. The service delivery model includes templates, sample documents, case scenarios, and other resources for reference and to support the use of the SDM in community planning and implementation.

For more land-based resources, visit our website or contact: TF: 1-866-763-4714

Download the full document here:

Thunderbird Partnership Foundation Crisis Planning BookDownload

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