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COVID-19 Booster Doses

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

While the COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective, Ontario is expanding eligibility for a booster dose to all Ontarians over time.

Based on Ontario’s COVID-19covid 19 vaccination rollout for first and second doses, expansion of eligibility for booster doses will be based on age and risk. You must wait a minimum of six months after receiving your second dose before your can get your booster dose.

Some vulnerable populations can get a third dose eight weeks after their second dose.

August 17

  • Transplant recipients

  • Patients with hematological cancers

  • Recipients of an anti-CD20 agent

  • Residents of high-risk congregate settings including long-term care homes, higher-risk licensed retirement homes and First Nations elder care lodges

September 14

  • Patients undergoing active treatment for solid tumors

  • Recipients of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T-cell

  • People with moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency

  • People with stage 3 or advanced untreated HIV infection and those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

  • People undergoing active treatment with some categories of immunosuppressive therapies

October 7

  • People who live in a retirement home

  • People who live in congregate settings such as assisted-living facilities, chronic care hospitals and congregate senior’s apartment buildings

  • People taking other immunosuppressant medications (contact your doctor to find out if you’re eligible)

November 5

  • People aged 70 and older

  • Health care workers

  • Designated essential caregivers in congregate settings (including long-term care home and retirement home staff and designated caregivers)

  • People who received two doses of AstraZeneca or one dose of Janssen (a complete series of a viral vector vaccine)

  • People who are First Nation, Inuit and/or Métis

  • People who are 18 years and older and live with people who are First Nation, Inuit and/or Métis

Early 2022

  • Everyone age 12 and older who received their second dose at least six to eight months ago

Where to get your booster dose

If you are eligible, you can book your booster dose appointment:

  • through the COVID-19 vaccination portal

  • by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900

  • directly through public health units that use their own booking systems

  • through Indigenous-led vaccination clinics

  • select pharmacies

  • primary care settings

If you are a hospital-based health care worker, you can also contact your employer to get vaccinated directly through your hospital’s vaccination program.

If you live in a retirement home, long-term care home, elder care lodge or congregate living setting, public health units will work with the homes to give you your shot within your home or at a mobile clinic.

Locations and timing for booster doses may vary by public health unit based on local planning and considerations.

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