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CHRT Reimbursements – Continuity of Services to First Nation Children and Families

Message from Indigenous Services Canada regarding continuity of service of CHRT Reimbursement:


In the past week, Indigenous Services Canada has received many questions about the delivery of services in communities. I wanted to reach out to share the following information with you.

To ensure the ongoing delivery of critical services and core programs, the Government of Canada has initiated whole-of-government contingency planning informed by the best available health and scientific advice regarding COVID-19. Each federal department and agency is putting the necessary measures in place to ensure continuity of the Government’s services to Canadians.

While non-essential activities such as travel and engagement will be reduced, Indigenous Services Canada will maintain all essential services. This includes ensuring that payments of actuals to First Nation child and family services agencies continues in a timely manner. We are also aware that during these challenging times, agencies may be required to provide essential services and could incur additional costs. This could include:

  1. placements of children (particularly where Elders are the caregivers or in homes with large numbers of people staying there);

  2. work from home supports for staff (computers, phones, meeting software);

  3. additional human resources as some staff members will not be able to respond to calls due to personal situations arising from the close of daycares, etc;

  4. safety and wellness supplies and supports for workers; and

  5. supports for prevention and cultural workers to modify their services to support families to avert crisis.

Rest assured that you will be able to continue to access these services through your regular Indigenous Services Canada channels. If you have any questions regarding the submission of claims,I invite you to contact your national or regional representative identified on the list attached. Given the extraordinary circumstances, we urge agencies to work closely with public-health authorities as well as departmental officials when urgent situations present themselves. We are here to work with you and support you during this challenging time.

For general information on COVID-19, please visit the Government of Canada’s website, which is being updated regularly as well as this informational video on how Indigenous Services Canada is supporting First Nations communities with respect to the COVID-19 response

Support is also available should you wish to speak to a mental health counsellor. Please call the toll-free Help Line at 1-855-242-3310, connect to the online chat at, or visit for more information.”

For additional information, please see First Nations Child and Family Services National Contact List:

RegionNameContact HeadquartersNathalie Neptonnathalie.nepton@canada.caHeadquartersMathieu Bureaumathieu.bureau@canada.caAtlanticAnnie Randell annie.randell@canada.caQuebecGeneral Inboxaadnc.qcsocial.aandc@canada.caOntarioGeneral Inboxaadnc.creancesdeschrt-chrtclaims.aandc@canada.caOntarioCatherine Thaicatherine.thai@Canada.caOntarioBenita Yau benita.yau@canada.caManitobaRhonda Howserhonda.howse@canada.caSaskatchewanMark Ziolkowskimark.ziolkowski@canada.caSaskatchewanRandine Akapewrandine.akapew@canada.caSaskatchewanColleen Thomascolleen.thomas@canada.caAlbertaMalcolm Johannesenmalcolm.johannesen@canada.caAlbertaDayna Jongejandayna.jongejan@canada.caBritish ColumbiaChiara Taylor chiara.taylor@canada.caBritish ColumbiaWilliam Mcarthur william.mcarthur@canada.caYukonJill Norman
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