Additional Funding for Urban and Off-Reserve Indigenous Individuals

Previously, on March 18th, the government announced two specific funds to support Indigenous communities across Canada. The $305 million Community Support Fund and a separate $15 million investment to go towards organizations that support urban and off-reserve Indigenous individuals. The $15 million funding was proposal based and closed to applications in mid-April.

Today, the government announced $75 million in new funding for Indigenous organizations providing services to Indigenous peoples in urban centres and off reserve.

Full Details:


  • This additional funding will support more community-based projects that address the critical needs of Indigenous populations during this crisis, including food security, mental health support services, and sanitation and protective equipment.

  • It could also help with other needs, such as support for Elders, transportation, and educational materials for Indigenous children and youth.

  • Funding for projects will start rolling out in the coming weeks.


While it’s possible the requirements may be the same as for the $15 million funding, no specific guidelines for eligibility for this round of funding have been announced.


Currently, there are no specific details on an application process. The previous allotment of $15 million was awarded on a proposal basis, but there is no indication that this funding will follow the same process or whether the funding will simply be distributed to existing recipients or potentially applicants who applied but did not receive funding in April.We will provide updates as soon as they become


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