At Chiefs of Ontario, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in assisting our communities with the current COVID-19 situation. To support you during this time, the Chiefs of Ontario Health Sector and Communications Department has created this Health Resource Database. See below for information pertaining to, but not limited to, prevention measures, telemedicine access, as well as general health resources for yourself and your loved ones.


If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please start by visiting the Ministry of Health website and taking their self-assessment. You can also visit the Public Health Ontario website for additional information. To view recent announcements and updates on COVID-19 from the Government of Ontario, visit the Ontario Newsroom.


Think you might have COVID-19?

Get the latest case data and updates, learn how to protect yourself and others and get advice on what to do next if you think you might have COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccines for Ontario

Learn about Ontario’s vaccination program to help protect us against COVID-19

Preventative Measures

While COVID-19 continues to spread, it is important that communities take action to prevent further transmission, reduce the impacts of the outbreak and support control measures. Click here to learn more about preventative measures you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Information and Resources on Hand Hygiene and Hand Sanitizer

Keeping your hands clean through good hygiene practice is one of the most important steps to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. Read More for resources on good hand hygiene and the safety and risks on the use of hand sanitizers. 

Telemedicine Access

Telemedicine/Virtual Care is Care. Virtual Care allows you to access care from providers outside your organization or community without having to travel.

Mental Health Resources

Mental health assistance and emergency response services for First Nations in Ontario.

Non-Insured Health Benefits

The NIHB program is continuing to provide benefits and services while following public health guidance and recommendations from health professionals as the situation evolves.

Latest Health Updates & Announcements

As the coronavirus situation continues to rapidly evolve across the globe, as do the guidelines coming from public health agencies and directives. it’s important to remember: in a pandemic, things are always changing and evolving. 


The Chiefs of Ontario continues to monitor and pass along the most up-to-date info, sometimes it means updating and adjusting to the current recommendations. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our mailing list below.