First Nations schools are still in the process of developing contingency plans for the 2020-21 academic year. To meet the needs of students during this time, First Nations are preparing to transition between different options of learning. 


Transportation Resources

Read the guidance for transportation for schools and school boards to safely reopen for the 2020/2021 school year. Student transportation service providers should also consider the Health and Safety Guidance During COVID-19 for Student Transportation Employers released by the Public Services Health and Safety Association.

Wiikwemikoong First Nation 

The Wiikwemkoong Board of Education has developed this plan to aid in navigating the restart of our Schools where employees, students, children and families feel safe and to reduce the impact of COVID-19 conditions upon returning to regular planning in our WBE buildings.

Lac Seul Education Authority Return To Learn Pandemic Plan - COVID-19

The purpose of this document is to outline the Lac Seul Education Authority’s steps to return to learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. As per provincial recommendations, health guidelines, and protocols from the Emergency Control Group (ECG) in Lac Seul First Nation, all three school buildings in Lac Seul have remained closed since March Break due to Covid-19.

Guide to Reopening Ontario's Schools 

This document constitutes a return to school direction issued by the Ministry of Education. 

School Board Self-Assessment Checklist for Reopening Schools in 2020-21

The Ministry of Education has provided a School Board Self-Assessment Checklist. Click the link to download the PDF document 

SickKids COVID-19 Recommendations for School Reopening

The main objective of this document is to advocate for the safe return of children and youth to school by emphasizing the importance of school reopening for broader child health, balanced against the potential and important risks of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

EDU Jurisdictional Scan - COVID-19 (Canada, USA and Global) 

This document provides the provincial status of summer learning and 2020-21 reopening status & measures/ considerations in each province in Canada. In addition, you can view the USA and global statuses of reopening considerations and safety measures. 

COVID-19 Back to School Transition Meeting Checklist 

Autism Ontario provided a Back to School Transition Checklist  Click the link below to view or download

Kettle and Stony Point First Nation

These documents were created to aid in navigating the reestablishment of our school where employees, students, and families feel safe and to reduce the impact of COVID-19 conditions upon returning to Hillside School.

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