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COVID-19 Initiatives Team

As a mechanism to support Leadership, the Office of the Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald is continuing to hold weekly calls to provide updates, hear concerns, and share all information as it becomes available. These weekly calls were initiated by the Leadership Council comprised of the Grand Chiefs and the Independent First Nations Chiefs.  

As COVID-19 continues to evolve with the potential to impact our communities several concerns and opportunities have been raised. We are committed to working together with all of you in keeping our nations protected, supported and embraced, while not possible physically, then with our spirit, as we do everything possible to combat COVID-19 and its impacts.

To support you in this endeavour Chiefs of Ontario Health Sector and Communications Department will be providing you with updates and a daily guide to the coronavirus outbreak. Get the latest news, tips on prevention and all other information distributed to First Nations leadership and communities by the Political Office and the Chiefs of Ontario through this website, and all information will be posted below.

There have also been additional changes to staff titles, roles and responsibilities. To keep you updated, see current list of the staff operating in the Office of Ontario Regional Chief and their contact information:

ORC Political Office Updates: About Us
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